Breakdown: Orlando Shakeup

The Orlando Magic had a eventful Saturday as they make two big moves as they trade away former All Star Vince Carter to the Phoenix and reacquire former Magic F Hedo Turkoglu. the second big move was trading within the division and getting troubled PG Gilbert Arenas for F Rashard Lewis. Seems like the magic looked at there team and believed they could not compete with the Celtics and Heat so they choose to blow it up and try to make a run with a completely new team. Full Trade details below:

Phoenix Suns-Orlando Magic Trade:

Orlando Gets- F Hedo Turkoglu, G Jason Richardson, F Earl Clark.

Phoenix Gets- G Vince Carter, G Mickael Pietrus, C Martin Gortat.

Opinion: I like this trade for both teams as VC was not working out in Orlando and Gortat and Pietrus both have been lost on the bench this season for the Magic. The Suns get  a starter and 2 bench guys that can add some depth to the bench and get more minutes then they did for Orlando. As for Hedo, he gets to go back to the place he had great success and J Rich has the chance to play with another big man in Dwight Howard like he did with Amare last season in Phoenix.

Who got better of deal: Even Trade(both teams get what they wanted)

Washington Wizards-Orlando Magic Trade:

Orlando Gets- G Gilbert Arenas

Washington Gets-Rashard Lewis

Opinion: This trade makes since for Washington as they get rid of a headache on the court(4 years left with over $78 million dollars) and off the court(trouble with the law) and get a big man that can shoot the ball from beyond the three point line and can play inside. Even though Lewis is due over $60 million dollars over the next 3 years the Wizards will gladly take him off the hands of the magic if it means get rid of Arenas. As for the Magic I have no idea why they want Arenas. yes he is a good player when he wants to be but the money is outrageous and why in the world would the Magic want this guy when they already have a PG in Jemeer Nelson. The trade with the Suns makes since but this one just doesn’t make since. I wonder if Nelson will ask for a trade at teh deadline if his minutes decrease. You can not put Arenas at the 2 becuase that will take away minutes from Richardson, Redick, and Chris Duhon. The Wizards now do not have to worry about Arenas influencing John Wall. It’s Wall’s team and he is the PG and he doesn’t have to worry about Gil being a distraction.

Who got better of the deal: Washington Wizards

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  1. Brian Weingartner

    December 23, 2010 at 9:57 am

    I’m back from the dead for a moment.

    I hate these trades for the Magic. The main way the Magic were going to make a finals push was to play great defense and hit open shots. Now, they’ve traded away a bunch of defense for inconsistent offensive players that don’t play defense. The Magic won’t get out of the second round as it is currently constructed.

  2. Hunter Thomas


    December 21, 2010 at 12:26 am

    So where is Arenas going to play for the Magic? SG or does he come off the bench?

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