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CLNS with Jay King


The Celtics Late Night Show



10 pm, EST

(or immediately following the game)
Special Guest Host

Jay King


Celtics Town

Both BPaul and Matt Rury will be on the DNP list tonight. We are excited to welcome Jay King to CLNS tonight for Bucks/Celtics post game. Jay will be talking hoops with Nick for an hour long post game analysis.
We will also be taking your calls throughout the entire show.
We are expecting North Station Sports’ Bucks enthusiast and host of Buckcast, Dakota to call in. CLNS chat moderator and NSS’ lead blogger, Lee Herman is expected to put in his two cents on Rondo’s thrilling assist watch. Of course, our usual cast of characters will all be present.
So set your DVR to record CSN post game and tune into CLNS for an exciting and entertaining edition of LIVE POST GAME coverage.



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