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Udonis Haslem Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

Udonis Haslem is having a bad day.

Late last night the news broke that Udonis Haslem was arrested for having over 20 grams of marijuana in his car. From the AP via ESPN:

MIAMI — Heat forward Udonis Haslem was arrested Sunday for possession of marijuana following a traffic stop in Miami-Dade County.

Haslem, 30, was stopped in a 2008 Mercedes around 3:05 p.m. going eastbound on the Gratigny Parkway because of speeding, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky said. The trooper smelled “an odor of marijuana from within the vehicle,” Wysocky wrote in a press release, leading to the arrest of both Haslem and passenger Antwain Fleming, 33.

“After the subsequent search, Mr. Haslem and Mr. Fleming were placed under arrest,” Wysocky wrote.

According to Miami-Dade court records, Haslem was charged with possessing more than 20 grams of marijuana, a third-degree felony which could bring maximum punishments of a $5,000 fine and a five-year prison sentence.

Obviously it’s too early to know how this is going to affect the Miami Heat. I’m sure David Stern’s office will hand out some kind of suspension, but it’s hard for me to guess how long it will be. Then there is the whole part where Haslem could go to jail for 5 years, though that has to be kind of doubtful at this point.

When Haslem signed for less money to return to the Heat when other teams were offering more it felt like the Heat had an almost unstoppable momentum gathering.  The Heat had limited options for filling out there roster with championship caliber players, but Haslem had won a title with the Heat in 2006 and has proven to be a tough defender and rebounder over the years. This changes things a little.The Heat may be still favored in the NBA, but who is leading the football spread? Replacing what Haslem brings to the Heat with his defense, rebounding and his willingness to do all the dirty work is going to be near impossible given what options are left out there.

Maybe Dan Gilbert was right when he said LeBron took the Cleveland curse with him when he left…

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