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Summer Forecast: How the Season Will End

Today’s Celtics Summer Forecast asked the question how will the Celtics season end? Here is our very own Dustin Chapman’s response:

Dustin Chapman, Celtics 24/7 (Conference Finals)

Some of this depends on how soon the SuperFriends figure it all out, which could happen immediately (see also: 2007-2008 Boston Celtics). However, as Doc Rivers has stated and drilled into his team, it’s not about what other teams do. As long as the Celtics are healthy, trust one another, and execute in the postseason, they have as good a shot to claim a banner as anyone. Barring injury, the Celtics should compete for the Eastern Conference title. Once you get that deep, anything is possible.

To see the rest of the panels response go here. And keep checking back daily for Chris Forsberg’s Celtics Summer Forecast!

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