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Shaq Nearly Takes On More Than He Can Chew


Shaquille O’Neal has climbed some tough hills in his career, winning title is never an easy road no matter how good your team, but none more challenging than his recent team victory.

Weighing in at around 1000 pounds Team Shaq and a handful of folks that just happened to be lucky or unlucky enough to walk by Shaq in Vegas took on 4-Time Reigning Hotdog Champion Joey Chestnut in a handicap eat-off. The odds were highly stacked against Chestnut taking on Shaq plus 5 others while he stood alone in front of a plate of hotdogs. The competition was surprisingly tight, but for Team Shaq to edge out sole Joey in the final seconds by one hotdog is still quite astonishing in my mind. How does a 200 pound guy take on 6 big eaters and lose by one.

The good omen of the contest? Shaq edged out Joey 36-35, and he said he chose his 36 because he has always been in the 30’s and 6 was the number of teams he has played for, I think this was his hardest victory and he subconsciously knew it would inspire greatness this season and next.


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  2. celtics247


    August 26, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Is there anything Shaq doesn’t do? I feel like everytime I look he is on TV or doing something crazy… gotta love it.

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