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Dennis Johnson Enters The Hall of Fame


The greatest omission from the Hall of Fame gets rectified tonight. DJ finally takes his place.

DJ played in 6 NBA finals, won 3 NBA Titles (2 with the Celtics), and he was named the Finals MVP for  in 1979 playing for the Sonics.  A 5 time All-Star, 9 times All-Defense and a durable and clutch player and leader,  DJ had it all.


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  2. Jamie Canu

    August 13, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    DJ was my first basketball hero. I heard of Bird and McHale first growing up, but as I grew to like the Celtics he was the first guy I called “my favorite.”

    DJ was always overshadowed by his more famous teammates, but I question if the Celtics would have been so dominant without him more than anyother Celt.

    I will always miss him not being around basketball, he was a true loss to the game.

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