C's Doin' More Than Just Ballin'

One thing that fascinates me in the sporting world is the impact that sports can have in the community. Having a winning franchise (or many in our case) in your region helps bring people together for a common purpose, and helps us forget about our differences. For example, you might hate half the people you work with, and there is always a Yankees or Lakers fan in the bunch, but for the most part, you can always commiserate with even the biggest jerks about Rondo breaking Steve Nash’s ankles on a cross-over, or the C’s blowing a 14-point third quarter lead in game 7 of the NBA Finals (sorry, had to go there). It is even better when these franchises use their power, influence, and wealth to spread awareness for great nonprofit organizations and causes in the region (even better than that when they donate large chunks of change!)

As someone who works in the nonprofit community (Special Olympics Massachusetts), I can attest that all of the Boston professional sports franchises are very philanthropic. One night that I look forward to every year is when the Celtics host Special Olympics Night at a game at the TD Garden. It is a chance for Special Olympics athletes to shatter stereotypes about them, and showcase their skills on a stage where they have earned the right to play. Last season, Special Olympics athlete Matt Grimes and his teammates put on a show for the ages! During the half-time exhibition match, Grimes drilled three NBA three-pointers, and his teammates and opponents also showed some serious skills.

Check the video (fast forward to the 2:30 mark for the good stuff):

Props to the C’s for helping facilitate this opportunity, and props to the Special Olympics athletes for stepping up on the big stage. Face it readers; you know you’d be throwin’ up air-balls if given the same opportunity.

For more information on the philanthropic and community efforts of the local pro sports teams, check the following info:
Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation
Boston Bruins Foundation
New England Patriots Charitable Foundation
Boston Red Sox Foundation

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Hunter Thomas
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