Celtics Summer Forecast with Chris Forsberg

If you don’t know of Chris Forsberg, you are no true Celtics fan! Forsberg is a reporter for and runs the Celtics Blog over there. He is always one of the first to report breaking Celtics news and isn’t shy when it comes to his twitter account. As a follower of Forsberg, I was very excited when he gave us the opportunity to be a part of his Celtics Summer Forecast at ESPN Boston. Here is quick rundown of how it will go down:

The Boston Celtics proved last season that a team’s regular-season record and playoff seeding are not always foolproof indicators of postseason success. Boston sleepwalked through the final four months of the 2009-10 season, earned the lowest possible seed for a division champion and still came six minutes shy of winning an NBA title.

In Monday’s debut of the Celtics Summer Forecast, our panel of experts predicted a four-win increase for Boston next season. Now, we ponder whether that will help the team improve upon the fourth seed it obtained last season.

Totaling up the responses, our scratchpad looked a bit like a scorecard from a solid round at the local Par 3 golf course (front 9 — 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2).

Our 18 experts (yes, we grew overnight) from eight Boston basketball blogs — CelticsHub, Red’s Army, CelticsBlog, Celtics Town, North Station Sports, Gino’s Jungle, Celtics Stuff Live and Celtics 24/7 — were fairly evenly split on whether the Celtics would land the No. 2 or 3 seed, with a slight edge going to the third spot. No one picked the Green to leap higher than No. 2 or fall lower than No. 4.

Our panel almost uniformly agreed that the Heat would live up to the hype and secure the No. 1 seed, while many thought the Magic would end up at No. 2. As John Karalis from Red’s Army summed it up, “Miami will be the clear No. 1 seed; Orlando is a cohesive-enough unit to win 60 games and should be No. 2. Then it’s a little bit of a crapshoot.”

Some wondered if the beefed-up Chicago Bulls could leap ahead of Boston, while most believed the Atlanta Hawks would take a step backward after securing the No. 3 seed last season.

Based on’s Summer Forecast for the Eastern Conference standings, 93 national experts also pegged Boston as the No. 3 seed — barely, edging the Bulls by a game for that spot. And only 10 of the 93 national panelists picked the Celtics to win the East.

  • Aug. 23: Predicting the final record
  • Aug. 24: Predicting the playoff seeding
  • Aug. 25: How does the season end?
  • Aug. 26: Who starts at center?
  • Aug. 27: Who gets the final roster spot?
  • Aug. 30: Expectations for Shaquille O’Neal?
  • Aug. 31: Expectations for Marquis Daniels?
  • Sept. 1: Which rookie has biggest impact?
  • Sept. 2: Who is first player cut or traded?
  • Sept. 3: Should Perk fight for starting job?
  • Sept. 6: Who is the Celtics’ team MVP?
  • Sept. 7: Who is the Celtics’ 6th man?
  • Sept. 8: Who ends up in Doc’s doghouse?
  • Sept. 9: Do Celts make a deadline move?
  • Sept. 10: Biggest strength? Weakness?

So there you have it. Celtics 24/7, along with other Celtics bloggers and experts, will be answering 15 burning Celtics questions over the next few weeks. Be sure to keep checking back here as well as ESPNBoston for updates. And follow Chris on Twitter. He has much more interesting updates than we do, I promise you that.

We were late to the party and missed the first round question, but here is today’s posting with predictions of where Boston will finish in the standings.

And here is our response:

Tyler Lamoureux, Celtics 24/7 (No. 3 seed)

I went back and forth on this one. What I do know is that the Miami Heat will be the No. 1 seed (don’t hate me). It will then come down to Orlando and Boston. The Celtics are the better team, but as we saw last season, they aren’t the most motivated regular-season squad. Jay King hit the nail on the head in Monday’s win prediction: The Celtics really don’t care about the regular season. They understand that, no matter where they finish, they will still have to face the best teams in the playoffs. The order in which they beat them really isn’t important. Orlando’s youth and talent will prevail in the first 82 games, with Boston settling for the No. 3 seed. But after that, watch out for the Celtics.

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