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Boston to Host Miami on Opening Night


We won’t have to wait long to see how that new cast of Super Friends stands up in the NBA, they will play our Boston Celtics on October 26th and I am sure it will be a Prime Time 9pm start.  Boston should be very excited about this as we will be the first to test their worksmanship and push their mentality for being teammates to the limits.  Unfortunately for Chris Bosh his ribs are just beginning to heal from the hit laid on him in early 2010 by Paul Pierce.

It is nice to see that the NBA didn’t line this team up for a cake walk to start the season and put up big numbers for stats, they instead went for big numbers in ratings.  Miami v OKC would have still got ratings and they could have sold it as a night of the young stars but we all know the outcome would have been bad.  This way it create a good fight, unfortunately for the NBA it will quickly put Miami on a losing streak out of the barn.

The remainder of the “Big Games” will be released this afternoon, and following the entire schedule will be released on August 10th.