Big Baby is One Sandwich Short of a Picnic Basket, And Boston is Loving It… Atleast I Am

My morning, like every other working stiffs morning is pretty routine with the exception of a “2-year old child-audible” thrown in the mix prior to getting out the door.  My son can change my exit in an instant, but once I get in my car it is usually smooth sailing to work and for 20 minutes I get the company of Toucher & Rich of 98.5 the Sports Hub.  Today was not unlike any other, they roasted some fools in sports, referenced the Pink Hats and they probably made fun of Tim Tebow, I don’t quite remember, but they should have if they didn’t, Tim is good fodder for humor.

Again Like most days everyday life always interrupts the mundane sports drab of constant stats that separates them from the hillbillies over at WEEI, but today’s everyday life is what makes this blog post even worth while.

While shopping at the Apple store co-host Rich Shertenlieb had the distinct opportunity to bump into what can only otherwise be described as Big Weird Baby Davis. After hearing the story and the description of the dress I could not wait to get online and see the pics over on their shows website [link].  But then I really got thinking, is Big Baby losing it or is Big Baby embracing and building on what we already love about the guy.

What brought on the change?

Was it Shaq coming to town?  Shaq is more than a player, Shaq is a character beyond the player.

But I don’t think so, Baby was “odd,” and I mean that in the kindest way, long before Shaq signed on the Green Dotted Line.

Is Baby learning to grow the persona from Shaq?  I hope so.

Let me put my thoughts out on there on Glen Davis the player, he is a borderline starter on some teams in the NBA, obviously not Boston with a future hall of fame player in the PF slot, maybe someday.  But for now he is a great backup forward for Boston’s needs with room to grow.  But there are a bunch of solid players in the league, what makes Glen Davis special?  It’s the Big Baby side.

My thoughts on Big Baby the person/persona differ greatly, I love the guy.  Personality-wise he is probably the best the Celtics have… well now that Shaq is there there will be some fun competition for first.  But when you look at him from an entertainment stand point you have to like the guy, regardless of how you rate his talents, he just has charisma.

Maybe this all started to blossom with the “Donkey & Shrek” interview during the playoffs.  Baby has always been quirky, but he really shinned in that interview, maybe it gave him the idea to be… well, eccentric.  If it was birthed from there or this has been him all along I don’t care either way, this is great entertainment.  The one thing wonderful about the NBA, more than any other major sport is that the League is more than the game itself, it is also about the personalities.  And the bigger and weirder they are, the more people love them.  Dennis Rodman anyone?

Baby has more to his resume then just this photo and the “Shrek” interview.  Have you read his Twitter lately [link]?  Beyond needing a special Big Baby Thesaurus to fully understand what the dude is tweeting, he is constantly funny.  If he ever blows out a knee (God forbid) he has a shot at sitcoms for sure.  And let’s not forget the dancing video, who doesn’t love a 280 pound guy jamming out by himself.  Pure entertainment.

This is more than just basketball now, Baby now is a marketing source on the name alone.  You look at Glen Davis the player, but you also need to weigh in Big Baby the person and it only makes the deal sweeter.  This also might work for his next contract, this attitude is only going to make fans love him and if fans want him the team needs to look at how much more he is worth to keep him based on fan appeal plus stats.  Likewise, has Shaq’s personality kept him in ball longer than his skills have allowed?  You could maybe argue the point.  I still feel Shaq has some gas to burn in the old heart of his before he hangs up his Converse.  This is win/win for Davis, no question.

Baby, take a page from Shaq, Rodman, Sir Charles, Baron Davis… this is great stuff.  Baby and KryptoNate, Shrek & Donkey call them what you like they can make Celticbasketball fun, win or lose here in Boston for years to come.  I think winning comes first, but the fun never hurts.

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