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Report: C’s Shopping 19th Pick?


The news comes from Andy Katz, that Danny Ainge may be shopping the Celtics No. 19 pick in the NBA Draft tomorrow night. Here’s the report:

According to a source close to Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge, the Celtics have put their first-round pick in the NBA draft — No. 19 overall — on the market Wednesday, looking for a suitor.

Ainge hasn’t been enamored with anyone at the spot, according to the source, and is willing to get a return of a future pick.

CH’s Take: In a draft as deep as this, with the Celtics having a large number of holes to fill, this can’t come as a complete surprise. There are plenty of teams with multiple draft picks at the end of the 1st round and the beginning of the 2nd round, so it’s conceivable that Ainge could be looking for additional bodies to help fill out the roster for next year, if he believes he can get value for the 19th pick.

Katz says the source speculates Ainge is willing to get a return of a future pick, but I doubt that development highly, unless its a very appealing deal/the deal brings the Celtics additional players now. The C’s likely have just five players under contract now (assuming Sheed retires) so seeing Ainge trade the 19th pick without getting a return pick for this year makes very little sense if this team hopes to compete next year for a Championship.

Boston needs bodies, ones that can help right now. Ainge has been very adept at beginning up big men of this nature in the 2nd round of past drafts (Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes, Glen Davis) so perhaps Danny is considering dealing down for value, to pile up some additional help which he believes is just as useful as the prospects he has waiting for him at 19.

What say you guys on this development? Should Ainge deal the pick for more draft picks in the 20-45 range? Trade it for a future pick or package it in a bigger deal? There a plenty of needs to be addressed, so Danny will undoubtedly be exploring every avenue come Thursday night.

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