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If the Ping Pong Balls Fell Right…Or Did They?

By Sports of Boston

The Celtics just finished their second run to the finals in three seasons, coming up just short of Banner 18, what would have been the second title over that short span. The Celtics recent playoff success of course comes on the heels of the worst period of C’s basketball in their history. The previous 14 seasons produced one division title, a mere three teams above .500, six playoff appearances, three total playoff series victories (including one Eastern Conference Championship Series appearance), and twice putting up the second worst record in the sport. The span also saw six coaches at the helm: Chris Ford (1990-1995), M. L. Carr (1995-1997), Rick Pitino (1997-2001), Jim O’Brien (2001-2004), John Carroll (2004), Doc Rivers (2004-present).

Now that the series is over and the draft and free agency is looming, what is to become of the team as it currently stands? Is Ray Allen back? Is Kevin Garnett an expensive 15 (point) and 8 (rebound) guy or is he the more elite player the Celtics acquired (after a recuperative offseason)? Is Doc staying or going? Will Paul Pierce opt out? How far will the team regress? Are they still an elite team, even as an Eastern power? More importantly, how far does the team drop after next year, when KG’s contract expires? Were the big acquisitions worth a short run of success?


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